Warisara Apisampinwong



The artist was inspired from the story of Thai-Chinese descents who have dominated a whole community in Thailand. This is to show the multicultural society that we live in and the difference in culture, which brings forth different lifestyles to explore. Thai-Chinese individuals are closely connected to many ritualistic beliefs that relate to paying respect to their ancestors — the artist finds loyalty and companionship within these religious events and expresses this through their work. Apart from that, the illustration of love within family and culture is also painted through the technique of woodcut prints which transmits the feeling of celebrating tradition and cultural value.

One of their proudest achievements became the ROC award in Thailand, in which Apisampinwong received an honorable mention. The award focused on the topic of print and was an international competition. The competition is one of the longest-running print exhibitions in the world as of current, with artworks from artists around the world. 



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