Therdkiat Wangwatcharakul



This series of work brings something

that vanished from the artist’s life to be back again …


When humans grow into adults,

we often lose some important things.

Something that creates pure energy for life

which we call “innocence”



The artist, Therdkiat Wangwatcharakul

also forsake that innocence

at somewhere… so far away…

until forgotten …


But actually, the innocence has never been lost. The artist gradually found it again by chance. Started from playing with his little son by dripping balls into paint colours,

It allowed artists to discover a new creative technique. Subsequently, he created the artworks in visual forms of various animal species with the inspiration that every time he paints animals

“He is happy”

At the 50 years of age, his life as an artist is memorable because both of his career path and award-winning have made his life and works to be honoured and recorded in the art history of Thailand as well as collected by numerous Thai and international collectors.


The series of work showing at “One’s World Mate” has been created during the artist’s vital period of life.


It is a reward of life in which he has shown freedom as well as have recorded the role of father.  Also, it is to express the friendship to the world.


Finally, it means that he has found the power of life again

Selected exhibition 

  • The 1st, 2nd, 4th Panasonic contemporary painting exhibition
  • The 19th , 22nd , 23rd , 24th , 25th Contemporary painting of BuaLuang painting contest by Bangkok Bank
  • The 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th Toshiba “ Bring good things to life”  art competition
  • The 44th, 45th , 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, 51st National exhibition of art.
  • The 10th, 13rd , 14th , 15th Thailand Petroleum Authority’s art exhibition
  • Contemporary art by Thai Farmer Bank (1998),(1999),(2000)
  • The 3rd , 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th Art exhibition of Thailand art award by Philip morris group.
  • Art Singapore 2001 , SINGAPORE
  • Solo exhibition “Life (1) “ at Banbangkok  Gallery (2000)
  • Solo Exhibition “Made in Bangkok” at Galerie op Zolder (Thai Art Foundation) , Amsterdam, Natherland  (2002)
  • Solo exhibition “Life must go on” at Akko Gallery (2003)
  • Exhibition Group “Chaos of life” by Onibaba due, JAPAN
  • Seoul – Asia Art Now. 2003 , South Korea.
  • “ The Brightness of Life” at exhibition at Thavibu gallery
  • Art exhibition to Celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s “Self – Sufficiency ”  at Silpakorn University (2006)
  • Tradition and Modernity in South East Asian Art, at Asian Cultural Center, New York (2006)
  • Exhibition Group  ” Enduring  Reality ”  at  The  National  Gallery  ( 2007 )
  • Painting Exhibition  to  Commemorate  The  King ‘s  80th   Birthday  King  Bhumibol

            Adulyadej : The  Great  Achiever,  at  The  Queen ‘s  Gallery  ( 2007 – 2008 )

  • Solo exhibition  ” Light  of  Life ”  at  D  Gallery  ( 2008 )
  • Borobodur Auction  2008  Singapore
  • Exhibition Group “Charity  of  Thai  Elephant “at  Lumpang ( 2009 )
  • Solo exhibition   ” Bangkok  station ” at  thavibu  gallery  ( 2010 )

Award and Honours 



1995         The second Prize winner of  SVOA Art  Exhibition

                 Art of Philip Morris Group Certificate

1996         The second Award of Contemporary painting of  Siam TV

1998         Award Winner Toshiba “Bring Good Things to Life” Art Competition

                 2nd Prize Contemporary Painting of  Bualuang  painting Contest  By Bangkok Bank

1999         Art of Philip Morris Group Certificate

2000         Top Award Winner, Art Exhibition of THAILAND ART AWARD 2000 by Philip Morris Group

                 Award Winner Toshiba “Bring Good Things to Life” Art Competition

                 The second Prize Award  in the Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Award 2000, SINGAPORE

2001         3rd Prize, Bronze medal, painting, 47th National Exhibition of Art

2002         2nd Prize, Silver Medal,  Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition

                 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, Painting, 48th National Exhibition of Art

2003         Award in Support of The 49th National Exhibition of Art

                 Art of  Philip Morris Group Certificate

2004        1st Prize, 1st SAMART Contemporary Painting Exhibition of 50th SAMART

2005        1st Prize, The Identity of  Andaman, Office of Contemporary Art and culture, Ministry of Culture

2011        “How did I get here” , AT DAWANG CULTURE HIGHLAND CHINA

2011        Silpa Bhirasri Creativity grants 10th



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