Sauce Harrison


Sauce Harrison

Artist Biography


Poom Pechavanish, aka Sauce Harrison, was born 1988 in Bangkok. He graduated a bachelor of Visual Arts from Chulalongkorn University in 2010. His works depict an identity to cover up one’s inner self which normally occurred in society today. Beyond that, Sauce has hidden some signs and clues to extend his content and speak out the situations that have happened in Thailand so far where belief and faith are dealt with ‘unspeakable’ and ‘perception’. In his Pop Surrealist style of works, he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Bangkok including his upcoming solo exhibition in 2023. In 2016, Sauce participated IILM Art Residency, Delhi, India. 




About Artworks


In the contemporary world, people normally create identities to cover up one’s inner selves. The character in this work is inspired by the ancient world where imaginary figures like gods were created from natural phenomena; also, the concept of Kaiju, which refers to a giant monster attacking major cities in Japanese film series, is picked up to indicate ordinary people are dressed up, but inside they are just humans. Besides, the work is hidden signs and clues to extend his content and speak out the political situation in Thailand where belief and faith are dealt with ‘unspeakable’ and ‘perception’.



2009   11th Panasonic Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Bangkok

            Dao-Den Bualuang, Queen Sirikit Gallery, Bangkok
2010    Brand New 2010, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
2011    Moment of Happiness, Jamjuree Art Gallery, Bangkok
2012    MUDDLE, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok
2013    Conspire, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok

            When I was just a little boy, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok

2014    When I lost my standpoint, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok
2016    Baby in the woods, Sneaka Villa, Bangkok
2017    PLAY, Future Factory, Bangkok
2019    Homodeus Project, M cafe, Bangkok

2021 – PUNK PURI YES !!, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok
2022 – Awesome Dude !!, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok



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