Pantip Vorachina



Pantip Vorachina was born in a rural area in the northeastern provinces of Thailand. At the end of Grade 6, he went to study at the secondary level in Bangkok. After finishing his third year of high school, his interest in drawing started to grow. He then enrolled in a vocational course at Thonburi Vocational School. This is the starting point for learning art for the first time. After graduating from the vocational level, he came to study at Poh Chang School, majoring in International Painting. “After graduating, art has led my life to the present day,” He states. His working style is traditional painting; contemporary Thai painting.

“I’m someone who has liked to draw since I was a kid. By the time we got older, we learned serious art. I was more and more concentrated until I knew that I wanted to draw and create.”



After vocational school, he worked as a full-time illustrator for several educational books — after discovering his urge to create and produce works based on his original concepts, he dived into painting works of his own.


“My works are contemporary Thai painting styles with a combination of traditional Thai painting. The style of my format presents stories about lifestyles, nature, fertility. My proudest work is probably a piece called ‘Relationship in the realm of happiness’ which is the first work that has begun to work creatively again — showing my path and the aim to continually create works of art.”


  • 2017 Honorable Mention Award, Energy Art, Following in Father’s Footsteps Ministry of Energy No. 5 Topic “Have Energy, Be Happy”.
  • 2019 Outstanding Award The 14th Nanmee Painting Contest with the theme “Somboon Poonsuk”.
  • 2021 Special Support Award The 15th Nanmee Painting Contest project with the topic “I’m full of”


  • 2020
    – Participate in the 9th White Elephant Art Exhibition on the topic “Siam Land of Smiles”
    – Participated in the 35th PTT Art Exhibition on the topic “Small cities, big cities, breathing full of lungs”
    – Participate in the 43rd Bua Luang Painting in the category of Traditional Thai Painting
    – Participated in the 11th White Elephant Art Exhibition on the topic “Thai people can give each other”
  • 2021
    – This is the Thailand Group Art Exhibition, Sathorn 11 art space, Bangkok



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