Nym Tanim


Nym Tanim

Tanimporn Kaipongkhai, also known as Nym Tanim, is a young female Thai artist. She is interested in art, music, and literature. Her paintings are inspired by her experiences in daily life. The original characters with unique style and expressive vibes in the painting can define what was in her mind and her emotion in that period. Vibrant colors, naive figures and sincere eyes as well as expressive forms and brush strokes are the attractive features and distinction of Nym Tanim’s works.



BFA Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University (2019 – 2023)





2023     “Nym Tanim” – New artist release show, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok 


Art Fairs


2022    Hotel Art Fair, The standard, Bangkok



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