Niam Mawornkanong


Niam Mawornkanong

Surachai Mawornkanong. also known as Niam Mawornkanong, is an established Thai artist specializing in intricate painting that often projects a quality reminiscent of well-assembled oil works. He used his art to captivate audiences’ attention then set them free to explore their own subconsciousness.

Though possessing degrees in philosophy and fine art, the majority of his technique is self-taught and compliments the fact that he is colorblind. His work also displays a versatile vision ranging between abstract principles and realistic portraiture.




2003 B.A.  (Philosophy) from Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

1997-99     Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chaing Mai University,  Chiang Mai, Thailand

1997              Graduated from College of Fine Arts, Bangkok



Solo Exhibitions



2022      “ anïma ”,  Joyman Gallery, Bangkok

2020      “ The Sea Remembers Us (เราอยู่ในความทรงจำของทะเล)”, S.A.C.(Subhashok The Arts Centre), Bangkok

2017      A Place Called Earth (นี่แหละโลก)”,  S.A.C. (Subhashok The Arts Centre), Bangkok

2016       minimon “, Centara Grand at Centralworld, Bankok

              “ Loser Cat (แมวห่วย) ”, S.A.C. (Subhashok The Arts Centre), Bangkok

2013      “ Lunar Animalia (ความตายมาเลียดวงจันทร์) ”, Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok

2010      “ Spirit, Air (ผีอากาศ) ”, Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok

2008      “ I Wanna Lose Myself in a Jungle (ฉันอยากไปอยู่ป่าดงดิบ) ”, Chamchuri Art Gallery, Bangkok



Group Exhibitions



2022    “ A New Sense of Identity ”, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

            “ Fragment with Dusty Light ”, Tang Contemporary Art, Seoul

2021    “ Dismantle (ปลด), Joyman Gallery, Bangkok

2020     In Between ” , Avani+Riverside Bangkok, Bangkok

            “ 1 2 10 (One to Ten) ”, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok

            “ Human, Nature, Dream and Imagination ”, River City Bangkok, Bangkok

            “ Human Relativity “, Xspace Art Gallery, Bangkok

2014     Transuniverse ” , S.A.C. (Subhashok The Arts Centre), Bangkok

2012     Circus Terminal “, Sangdee Gallery, Bangkok

2010     14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh “, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

            “ Jamjuree Art on the Move: Selected Exhibition “, Crystal Design Center

2009     Cat’s Party 2nd Art Exhibition “, Meo Jai Dee Gallery

2008     Cat’s Party 1st Art Exhibition “, Meo Jai Dee Gallery

            “ Visual Arts Festival, 55th Anniversary of The College of Fine Arts ” The Queen’s gallery, Bangkok





2023     “ THE EXTRAORDINAIRE ”, Bangkok Art Auction, Bangkok

             “ Follow your heART ”, The Art Auction Center, Bangkok


2022      “ Natura Magnifica ”, The Art Auction Center, Bangkok

              “ Iconic Treasure ”, Bangkok Art Auction, Bangkok

              “ Let’s Crossover ”, The Art Auction Center, Bangkok

              “ Fomo No More ” , Bitkub M Social Emquartier, Bangkok

              “ To the Moon ” , Bangkok Art Auction Center, Bangkok


Art Fairs



2023         Art Central, Hong Kong

2022      “ Boom ” Focus Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

2019        Hotel Art Fair, W Bangkok, Bangkok

2019        Hotel Art Fair, 139 Pillars Suites and Residences, Bangkok

2016        Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong 



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