Jirasak Anujohn



Jirasak Anujohn is actually not an emerging artist but an award winner who has experience with several art competitions and exhibited in leading galleries both locally and internationally.

His educational background from Poh-Chang Academy of Arts has honed him to become a professional artist with practical skills which his art school has emphasized as a cornerstone for an art career in the future. Undoubtedly, his signature is embedded in exceptional charcoal drawing techniques that portray minute wrinkles on the human face and body graced by years of life. His realistic portrait drawings with charcoal were exhibited in the reputed galleries such as Chamchuri Gallery and BACC. Also, one of his works has recently been considered in the Established Artists category of 12th UOB Painting of the Year 2021.

Internationally, Jirasak has gained his hands-on experiences in exhibiting his works in Adda Sarto gallery in Paris, International Art Fair in Busan in 2018 and Art Fair Stockholm 2018, to name but a few.





With his profile and experiences, he said: “It seems to me that in Europe they pay attention to essential skills whereas creativity and ideas are what they consider in Thailand. They are good for contemporary art. Regarding competitions, understanding objectives of the competition is very important for entries. You have to know what the judges are looking for.”

Despite his accurate skills in charcoal drawing, he also has his own gallery called ‘Nice Gallery’. Inside of the gallery is full of Impressionist paintings. The art movement that most of us are familiar with and it was epitomized by notable painters such as Monet who went outdoors to paint. These paintings depicted wonderful pastoral scenery behind his hometown studio in Lopburi. However, they are not typical impressionist paintings due to the local surroundings such as natural light and the green banana leaves but it gives you the new style of impressionism which you will not be able to find anywhere else.



  • 2019    One-Man Exhibition Adda&Sarto Gallery in Paris
  • 2018     Art Fair in Hong Kong
  • 2018     Art Fair in Stockholm Sweden
  • 2017     Art Fair in Singapore
  • 2016     The 5th White Elephant Art Award
  • 2015     Honorable Award for the 5th Asia Plus Contemporary Painting Exhibition
  • 2015     Outstanding Award, 17th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition
  • 2015     The 4th International Line Drawing Competition
  • 2015     Solo exhibition, Time and Faith series exhibition at Krungthai Art Gallery
  • 2015     Solo exhibition Charcoal Drawing exhibition at Chamchuri Art Gallery
  • 2015     The 4th White Elephant Art Award
  • 2014     ‘Purchase Prizes’ Award – 3rd International Print and Drawing Exhibition
  • 2014     ‘Most Promising Artist of the Year’ Award 5th UOB Bank
  • 2010     12th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Contest
  • 2009     Solo exhibition, Emotion Nude exhibition at Jamjuri Art Gallery
  • 2009     The 21st Toshiba Art Contest
  • 2007     “Artist Self Portrait” exhibition at Silom Galleria
  • 2007     Art Exhibition “Inspired by Nai Luang” at the Ministry of Culture
  • 2005     An exhibition of paintings in honor of the King in the Artist’s Heart
  • 2004     Art exhibition in honor of the Queen’s 72nd birthday at River City
  • 2003     The 49th National Art Competition
  • 1999     14th PT.T. Art Competition



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