AITOY (Vasan Suwannaka)


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I was born in a lower-middle-class family, my mom was a Thai-Chinese from a rural area who came to work in the capital and my dad was in the army. 

I was raised in a family with southeast-Asian and Chinese background surrounded by traditional Theravada-Buddhism and Hinduism rites. At a young age, my mom sent me to a Catholic Private school (popular for the urban middle class) But less than 10% of the students in the school were Christian, and most of them were Thai-Chinese and Muslim. These different ideologies and beliefs made culture a confusing topic in my childhood, but also allow me to see the world from diverse perspectives. 

Although I grew up near the end of the cold war, but I didn’t know anything about it until I attended high school. Mainstream media was controlled by the government. Most of the information was one-sided dimensional, such as a pride of Nationality, Religion (Buddhism), and monarchism coated by the patriotic history written during WW2 along with school uniforms and student haircuts to standardize the ideal of good students. 

The reality is that the children of my generation are actually growing up in a world where the foundation is laid by the military government under wartime circumstances. This means, nobody should stand out from the “norm” or else you will be frowned upon by the government and the public. Individual freedom of expression is cut down by laws and regulations.I had been told that my country was rich, people are nice and kind. 

I had been taught to feel proud in the national identities like flags, symbols, geography, Pad-Thai even “Tuk Tuk” 

I had been deceived to hate a neighboring country because of the wars between the 2 kingdoms, which happened centuries ago. 

I had been educated to worship a family by “Royal News” which broadcasts every evening on every TV channel since I could remember until now. 

 Those experiences became my muse, that fueled my creativity and my passion. I have been part of this “Utopia” for my whole life, unable to escape. Arts is my salvation and through them, I was able to bring my own Utopia into existence.

Art Exhibition



2022 –  “Awesome Dude!”  Group Exhibition, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. 

  “Within The Static”  Group Exhibition, WOWXWOW


2021 –  “Creatures of Changes” Publication, Neocha Magazine.

  • “Worms Land Anthem”  Duo Exhibition, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • “Tokenista” Group Exhibition @Joyman Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • “Power in Numbers 6” Group Exhibition, Gallery Nucleus, Portland, OR.


2020 –  “Power in Numbers 5” Group Exhibition, Gallery Nucleus, Portland, OR.

  • “Man and Creativity” Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Arts Silpakorn University, Nakhon Phathom, Thailand.
  • ๑ ๒ ๑๐ “One to Ten” Group Exhibition, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. 


2019 –  “Wonder Forest” Group Exhibition, Xiamen Powerlong Art Center,
  Xiamen, China.

  • Asia Illustration Fair 2019 Group Exhibition, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, China.
  • “Broken Threshold” Group Exhibition, RCB Gallery River City, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Pronto X Kao Group Exhibition / Charity auction, Lido Connect, Bangkok, Thailand.


2018 –  “Lord of Friend Zone Vol. II” Group Exhibition, Ekamian Bangkok,


2017 –   Create Your Original Story Group Exhibition / Party, The Siam Society,
    Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Character Design Workshop Guest Lecturer, Faculty of Decorative Arts
    Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


2015 –  Bangkok Comic Con Convention / Fair, Bitec, Bangkok, Thailand.


2014 –  Thailand Comic Con Convention / Fair @Paragon Hall, Bangkok, Thailand.


2013 –  Let Your Imagination Fly Group Exhibition, Midnice Gallery, Bangkok,


2011 –  Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration. (Second Class Honors),
  Faculty of Decorative Arts Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.



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