2022 The red devil oil on linen 80×75 Cm.

My youth is yours

Childhood stories are a popular subject among many artists. This could be because many people’s childhood is an invaluable time that cannot be experienced again, whether with friends, society, family, and much more. The girls used to run and play together. A boy you fell in love with and never saw again. Someone who once let you sit on their lap. Listening to tales that told incredible stories. I recall the sounds and smells from my memory vividly. They are still in the first season of their memories, where the sun shines brightly and warmly.


“Ruby” is the name of the 7 year old red-haired girl that I created. In reality, she had lived for much longer than that or rather she was born around the same time as I did, except that she had stopped growing at the tender age of 7 for eternity.


Surrounding the red-haired girl were strange creatures and places that were ready to ripple and collapse at any time. Perhaps Ruby represents something from the past that I cherished and cradled in my arms, hoping it would not fade with time. Or perhaps she keeps the good memories of my youth and heals me with her presence.


She still likes to listen to the same stories. Looking forward to playing with her dearest friends with hazy faces. The world around her and what she holds in her hands is happiness that is ready to flow, formless and mangled on the floor. It may not last forever and may succumb to the passage of time. But sometimes, embracing happiness even for a short time is full of meaning.


Joyman Gallery


357-359 Mahachai Rd.,

Samranrat, Phra Nakhon,


My Youth is Yours exhibition showcases the dreamy stories of precious youth narrated through 13 oil paintings with gentle brushstrokes by Thai artist Tarntara Sudaduang, exhibited at Joyman Gallery 



Born and raised in the Thai province of Prachinburi. Tarntara earned her bachelor’s degree in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from Silpakorn University in 2014. Her art is stylized in a pop-surrealist style and presented with oil painting techniques. The softness of her brush strokes is a standout feature of her work, demonstrating high-level painting abilities. Her artwork is frequently influenced by her own intense emotions, childhood memories, dreams, and surreal fantasies. Tarntara is captivated by women’s unique beauty, as well as Eastern culture and ideology expressed in a contemporary style.